VERC to New General Assembly Winners: Time for Energy Reform


November 6, 2019

“We congratulate all the candidates for the Virginia General Assembly who inspired voters in the Commonwealth and secured the trust of the people in their districts to win election this week. With that honor now comes the responsibility to act in the public trust for all Virginians, and paramount to that is replacing the current monopoly structure that electric utilities have abused for too long with one that is fair for families and businesses. 

“The members of the Virginia Energy Reform Coalition stand ready and willing to work with each and every one of our lawmakers to establish an electricity system that increases competition for energy providers, lowers electric bills for consumers, protects the environment, empowers communities and customers, and provides reliable electricity 24/7 through innovative regulatory approaches and technology.”

Coalition members are promoting reforms that, among other things: 

  • Establish a well-designed, competitive retail electricity market 
  • Implement performance-based regulation
  • Establish a low-income bill assistance and weatherization program
  • Implement an “all-cost-effective” energy efficiency standard
  • Ensure additional consumer protections and education
  • Establish an independent grid operator

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Cat McCue, Appalachian Voices, 434-293-6373, [email protected]

Cassady Craighill, Clean Virginia, 828-817-3328, [email protected] 

***************Virginia Energy Reform Coalition: A coalition of ideologically diverse organizations advocating together for a 21st-century electricity system that lowers prices, increases consumer choices and clean energy competition, and protects the environment while reliably serving all Virginians.

Virginia Energy Reform Coalition Launched

It’s Time To Take Back Our Dominion

Nine organizations representing a wide range of perspectives across the public policy spectrum have found common cause in the need to reform Virginia’s current regulation of monopoly electric utilities. The nonpartisan Virginia Energy Reform Coalition launched on May 7, 20190 to advocate for more consumer choice and clean energy competition in the Commonwealth.

VERC Launch Event

Watch the Virginia Energy Reform Coalition’s launch event, held on May 7th, 2019 at 12 ET.

Media Kit

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