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March 2, 2021

Media Statement: VERC Calls for Restructured Electricity Market in Virginia

The Virginia Energy Reform Coalition (VERC) calls for a restructured electricity market designed to benefit Virginians through a competitive retail electricity market while keeping strong customer protections, reliability standards, and all pertinent regulations to avoid a similar scenario as what happened in Texas last month that left millions without power in subzero temperatures for several days. This reformed system would include proper guardrails in which suppliers can compete on price and product innovation, customers can benefit from lower prices and greater choice, and Virginia can benefit from a strong, resilient grid.

The system would continue to be highly regulated and officials would have all of the authority they need to ensure reliability, including proper weatherization of electricity production infrastructure. We are confident that with proper implementation, a comprehensive understanding of extreme weather impacts, and strong consumer protection measures, a restructured energy system will allow Virginians to power their homes at all times at the lowest cost possible.

January 30, 2020

Media Statement: Virginia Lawmakers Show Appetite for Competitive Energy Market

Richmond, VA — A House subcommittee expressed interest tonight in the Virginia Energy Reform Act, a robust bill that would reshape Virginia’s energy market from one dominated by utility monopolies to one open to retail competition. The House Labor and Commerce energy subcommittee moved to carry the bill over until next session, a noteworthy move considering the political influence of Virginia’s dominant utility monopoly, Dominion Energy. The subcommittee’s move will allow the legislature to continue discussions of reform and consider the bill again in the 2021 session. The Virginia Energy Reform Coalition, a lead proponent of the bill said this in response, 

“Virginia legislators proved today that they are finally ready to consider a post-monopoly energy market in Virginia. Thanks to the bipartisan leadership of Democratic Del. Mark Keam and Republican Del. Lee Ware, lawmakers broke through what once seemed like an impossible barrier – considering Virginia’s energy market on the customers’ terms, not the terms of Dominion Energy.”

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January 7, 2020

Press Release: Historic bipartisan bill would open Virginia’s electricity market to competition

Richmond – Legislation will be introduced for the 2020 General Assembly session that would end monopoly control over Virginia’s electricity system, creating competition in the retail sector while protecting consumers from unnecessary and excessive rate hikes. The Virginia Energy Reform Act — announced today at a joint press conference by the bill’s sponsor, Delegate Mark Keam (D), and chief co-patron, Delegate Lee Ware (R) — would be the first major reform of Virginia’s electricity market in almost 15 years.   

“I’m pleased to join my friend Delegate Lee Ware in introducing the Virginia Energy Reform Act, which would bring transformational reforms to our energy marketplace,” said Delegate Keam. “Over the past couple of decades, innovation and technological advancements have allowed consumers around the nation to choose when, where and how they obtain affordable and reliable energy. But in Virginia, we are stuck with a century-old business-as-usual model that benefits monopolies while suppressing competition and consumer choice. It’s time to reform the rules of the road.”

“This legislation, which I trust will gain broad bi-partisan support, will chart a course toward engendering much-needed competition in the retail sales of vital electricity services. I am delighted to team with my colleague Delegate Mark Keam in advancing the proposal,” said Del. Ware. 

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Tune in to watch Delegate Lee Ware (R) and Delegate Mark Keam (D) introduce legislation for the 2020 General Assembly session that would end monopoly control over Virginia’s electricity system, creating competition in the retail sector while protecting consumers from unnecessary and excessive rate hikes. The Virginia Energy Reform Act would be the first major reform of Virginia’s electricity market in almost 15 years.

Posted by Virginia Energy Reform Coalition on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

November 6, 2019

Press Statement: VERC to New General Assembly Winners: Time for Energy Reform

“We congratulate all the candidates for the Virginia General Assembly who inspired voters in the Commonwealth and secured the trust of the people in their districts to win election this week. With that honor now comes the responsibility to act in the public trust for all Virginians, and paramount to that is replacing the current monopoly structure that electric utilities have abused for too long with one that is fair for families and businesses.”

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Coalition Launch Press Event:

PRESS RELEASE: Virginia Energy Reform Coalition Launch May 7, 2019 Download

Download photos and watch the livestream from the VERC press conference.

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